Monday, June 28, 2010

Installing Picasa 3.0 in Ubuntu 10.04

         Picasa is free photo software from Google. Google had announced the latest version of Picasa 3 to Linux distributions too. As i switched from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 10.04, i feel difficult to organise the pictures and my albums in order,because in Windows 7 i'm greatly fond of using Picasa 3.
Its easiness to integrate with Picasa Web albums are the key features that i admire every time. You can sync your Picasa 3 and Web Albums edits, change your online album settings from Picasa, and delete online albums from Picasa.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Installing TweetDeck on Ubuntu 10.04

                Iam really impressed about the new Ubuntu 10.04. Installing Ubuntu Linux in my HP nx7300 laptop was a really thrilling challenge for me. I did it by myself and im using Ubuntu for my developing purposes (esp Rails). 
As im active in Twitter and i used TweetDeck in Windows 7, i was struggling to find an application that work same like as TweetDeck.. With little bit googling i find a perfect solution to install TweetDeck to Ubuntu Linux. So im prefering to share with my readers through my blog.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Setting up Rails Environment on Windows Vista/XP

  Couple months back when I just started programming on Ruby on Rails, I faced so many problems regarding the configuration and all, in my developing machine Vista. I searched so many resources online but didn’t find a suitable one. Now I managed to resolve that problem. So, I would like to share the knowledge to you on how to setup Rails on Windows platform, using Ruby gems, Rails, Mongrel, and MySQL as a part of the stack. I am using windows Vista for my development process, but all the instructions will work in the Windows Xp

1. Installing Ruby: Download and install the latest version of Ruby Installer (currently 1.8.6-27 RC2) from the website: One-Click Ruby Installer.  Leave all the default settings during installations as such.  Its important that you install in the ruby path without any spaces in it. (Like C:/Ruby by default). 

Installing Ruby On Rails on Debian/Ubuntu

After some experience in developing RubyOnRails applications in windows, i came to know that the best environment for rails development is Linux. So i choose to have the Debian version Ubuntu 10.04. 
Today i'm going to show you guys how to install Ruby on Rails in Ubuntu 10.04. This can be applied to lower versions also. 

Get Ruby

$ sudo apt-get install ruby-full build-essential